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This being human is not for the faint of heart. Life can be a ruthless teacher - it seems to be crafting the perfect circumstances to bring us up against our limitations. Often the lessons we're faced with are overwhelming and feel unmanageable. Chronic pain, mental unwellness and emotional suffering are simply too big to easily navigate on our own. We all need help sometimes.

We need to be supported and witnessed through our struggles. Need to have reflected back to us that deeper part of ourselves that is always ready to heal. Pain and illness can be opportunities to begin to re-inhabit our wild and wise bodies, to reconnect and re-orient to our belonging within nature, ecology, family lineages.

By reducing physical pain and calming our nervous systems with acupuncture, we are in a better position to integrate trauma, to learn and grow. I'm especially passionate about supporting folks through destabilising transitions like pregnancy/postpartum, peri/menopause, breakdowns/breakthroughs/spiritual emergency. We take a holistic approach - incorporating dietary/plant supports and personalised practices that help us navigate challenging times.

We all have the ability to heal - no matter where we may find ourselves now - and to reconnect with our wellness, authenticity and vibrancy.

Free 15 Minute Initial Consultation - phone/video call. 

Online Sessions  -  $40-100/hour

Sliding Scale Acupuncture Treatment Rates of $70 -140

(90 minute initial session, 60 minute subsequent)

Monthly Treatment Package - $250

(4 weekly treatments)


Call or text  250. 893. 3365 
 to arrange your free 15 minute consultation 
by phone or video call

Please note: my treatment space is a home-based yurt/yome surrounded by trees and plants and birdsong, a beautiful and private space. However, with the covid pandemic, I've had to limit bathroom access because of sanitation requirements (unless under necessary circumstances). There is an outdoor sink available for handwashing purposes. 

© 2013 by Madison Kolla | Photography by Sherida Rae Taylor & myself.

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