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There are so many ways we can be uncomfortable in our bodies, in our lives. Feeling tense, wired, worried, nervous, jittery.

Restless and agitated, like we just can't slow down. 

Racing heart and easily startled. Challenges with sleep or digestion.

Feeling stressed, frustrated, reactive. 

Experiencing explosive outbursts or finding ourselves numb and zoning out or distracting with screens. Self soothing with food. 

Feeling tired, so, so tired.


Any of us can oscillate between all these places, and never really feel well. We all struggle at times - it's part of this being a person business. Our struggles have much to teach us about ourselves, our needs.

But we can also feel better.

You can feel safe and comfortable in your body.

You can feel like you belong here. You can like yourself, like your life, appreciate exactly where you are. You can feel more grounded, more at ease, feel more trust in yourself and in the world around you. 

You can feel inspired, invigorated, vital - connected to the thrum of alive that permeates this living world.

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Softly lit yome (yurt) with comfortable chairs and massage table, forest view through window.


Acupuncture, Massage and Mental Health Counselling

in Victoria, BC ( WSÁNEĆ Territory) and Online

I support people experiencing challenges with their mood, energy, motivation, ability to stay grounded and regulated. 

Those who might experience physical pain, trouble sleeping, or hormonal imbalance in response to stress or tension.

I support people in re-connecting to themselves, learning from their bodies, and shaping a life in alignment with their needs, values, desires. 


I've been there - at times anxious, on edge, irritable to rage-filled, wildy manic. And also exhausted, unmotivated, depressed, frozen, suicidal. My personal journeys have spanned the gamut of mental illness, including expanded/altered states of consciousness; and the wild initiation of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and new parenthood.


The human experience reaches across a multitude of inner landscapes. Some of us explore the whole range, some of us are endlessly trapped in familiar but uncomfortable territory. 


But all of us are capable of finding the well. 

The well that nourishes and heals and brings us back to ourselves. 

The well enough.


We hold space for gentle re-connection with your body, for inquiry into the sources of physical discomfort, for nervous system co-regulation online and in-person.


I provide gentle acupuncture and grounded energy work for sensitive systems. Rest with needles in, receiving gentle touch, while I sit with you.

Together, we check in on the source of your discomfort.

Together we meet it, hold it, normalize it.

Together we see how it's always shifting, changing, unfolding.

Together we find your own deep wells of resource and strength.

And we come out the other side. 

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