Please note: my treatment space is a home-based yurt/yome surrounded by trees and plants and birdsong, a beautiful and private space. However, with the covid pandemic, I've had to limit bathroom access because of sanitation requirements (unless under necessary circumstances). There is an outdoor sink available for handwashing purposes. 


Come. Rest.

Feel More. Feel Better. Feel You.


as pins and touch and time 

Soothe and Smooth and create More Space

in your nervous system, in your body

as the knots unwind, as the fragments integrate

as you Be

Well Enough

By reducing physical discomfort and calming our nervous systems with acupuncture and bodywork, we are in a better position to integrate trauma, to hold and heal pain. I'm especially passionate about supporting folks through destabilising transitions like pregnancy/postpartum, peri/menopause,

and mental health challenges.

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by phone or video call