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Interview on Community Acupuncture

Favorite thing about acupuncture?

M: I love that acupuncture plants people back in their bodies. We spend SO much time hanging out in our heads, worrying about things that happened, planning for the future, making shopping lists… acupuncture has the unique ability to pin people down, and force them to hang out with themselves, in the present moment. And most of the time, it’s not as scary as you think it’s going to be.

Oh, and it makes people feel better. That part’s pretty great too. And what’s really surprising – how everything starts to get better! I’m thinking of the clients who come in because of neck and shoulder tension, and after a few treatments, find that they start to sleep easier, and have less PMS, and stop clenching their jaw, and are more patient and tolerant with their kids, and partner, and coworkers. Acupuncture’s sneaky that way.

What brought you to Community Acupuncture?

M: From the moment I was first exposed to the Community Acupuncture model, it made perfect sense to me. Giving more acupuncture to more people seems more better. I think I knew instantly that this is the way in which I’d practice. Throughout my schooling I was drawn to courses and teachers that reinforced how simple acupuncture can be – it’s not about some weird mystical healer aligning invisible energy centers and knowing all of your deep dark secrets – it can be a bunch of people in a room, having a nap together. I feel good knowing that I can help people who really need it, and I think something as awesome as acupuncture should be available to everyone.

Your explanation of Community Acupuncture in a nutshell.

M: Community Acupuncture treatments are given in a group setting, with everyone resting in reclining chairs. Even though we mostly put pins in the arms, hands, legs and feet; we can treat all sorts of things like back and hip pain, headaches, or stress and anxiety. It’s really wonderful to receive acupuncture with a room full of people – it creates a nice vibe, and some would say it even enhances the “healing effect” of a treatment. By booking multiple patients in an hour, we are also able to reduce the cost, so that you can actually afford to get enough treatments to see results! I think this is a common misconception about acupuncture – that it’s some sort of magic one-shot cure-all. Some people do get instantaneous relief, but in order for treatments to “stick”, or to resolve more chronic cases, you need a SERIES of treatments. The Community Acupuncture model facilitates this by making treatment available 6 days a week, to anyone, at an affordable cost. It is a return to the way this medicine was traditionally practiced, and it allows us to truly give back to our community.


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