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a tribute

For Peggy, who’s constantly teaching us that the next great adventure is always within our reach,

if you only have the vision, the imagination, the courage to create that which you seek.

It’s been a lesson in presence to witness these days - up and down, good and bad - this ebb and flow that is life.

Thank you for helping us learn the big things, the big things that hurt.

For allowing us to be heartbroken and devastated by the way that life simply is.

A mushroom named Reishi gave me a story the other day, and I wanted to share it with you.

He told me of a vast network

hidden from plain view

webs of connectivity

Alive, Aware

existing everywhere

nothing that they don’t touch

expansive sea of mycelium


but always buried

Invisible beneath the soil

so when the time is right

after the rains begin to fall

Up from this hidden oneness web

mushroom appears


this fruiting body does serve a biologic need

to reproduce, to spread her spores

supposedly to breed

but while she’s here on Earth with us

she just IS so much more.

she shares her beauty

feeds and shelters tiny life

She impacts us to our core.

after gracing us with her presence

on this temporary stage

she's through sharing her gifts

her glow begins to fade

and within a too-short time

Mushroom’s completely gone away

She decomposes, disappears

into the endless Earth

where she rejoins mycelium

again everywhere at once


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