• Madison Kolla

Community Solstice Gathering

I'm so looking forward to co-hosting a Community Solstice Ritual Gathering at Hemma with the wonderful Penelope Hagan on December 21st. We will gather to support and tend the dark in each of us. We're often so ready, on this shortest day of the year, to turn our attention straight towards the return of the light, but basking in the darkness has its gifts and magic too.

From Penelope ~ "Darkness is a powerful element that hovers everywhere in and out of our consciousness . . . It is the ground from which all life springs – the place where conception, gestation and much growth take place. Instead of relegating darkness to what is bad, scary, unwelcome, negative or threatening, we can use the concept of the Dark to invite what is nourishing, restful, sustaining, quiet and protected."

We'll honour the underworld journeys that all of us make at some point or another in our lives. Descending to meet the dark, to be nurtured and sustained by it, just as plants are nourished by rich, dark, rotting compost. We'll include a ritual ceremony to seed our intentions for when it's time to grow up and out again.

We're aiming for regular Wheel of the Year gatherings, so if you can't make this one, plan for another at Imbolc around February 1st.

And amid all the potential for holiday season hectic do-ing and planning, I'll plant a gentle reminder - that this is the time to honour that in us which is tired, which longs to lay down under the earth or a deep layer of snow, to put plans on hold, to be still and wait, to be held and supported here. To rest.

Join Madison Kolla, Penelope Hagan, and members of the Hemma community to mark the longest night of the year and our entry into the season of Winter.

We will gather for a check-in, guided meditation and circle ritual to set intentions for acknowledging the deep nourishing mystery of Darkness in our lives.

Please be fully vaccinated to sign up for this event.

Tuesday December 21st, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

at Hemma

Sliding Scale $20-40

(Pay at the door)