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Hemma Goodbye and Offering

Some bittersweetness this month as we say goodbye to hemma in the home it's been in for the past 15 years. It has truly been such a landing pad and safe space for me both when I began working here in 2016 and again when I came back from maternity leave in 2019. I know I'm not the only one who feels well held and restored by these 4 walls.

I am so very excited for the collaboration with the wonderful Malcolm and Melanie of uRetreat and 4 Corners Community Collective, and know hemma will find a wonderful new life there in Haultain village. I unfortunately won't be joining them for the initial re-opening in September though - and can't really believe I'll be saying goodbye to community acupuncture (for now) in 2 short weeks! So if you're free Wednesday June 15th or 22nd, i'd love to see you and connect on one of my last days.

While hemma is closed this summer, I am offering a discount for hemma clients who wish to receive one-on-one sessions in my private practice. A reduced sliding scale of $50-100 is available for the duration of the closure (June 29 - August 31) for folks who would usually come for community acupuncture. All are welcome to book for a 90 minute initial session or a 60 minute returning client session as they prefer. My treatment space is a home-based yurt (yome) surrounded by trees and plants and birdsong - a beautiful, cozy and private oasis. Sessions often include gentle inquiry and somatic exploration to draw forth one's own inner, body-based wisdom. On the table, I incorporate gentle touch and bodywork to facilitate relaxation, settle the nervous system, and unwind pain or tension. I might also offer herbal, dietary or supplementation suggestions, or breathwork/movement/inquiry practices for you to try at home. Online booking for sessions is here:

And do reach out if any questions arise! If I don't see you before this next chapter begins, I wish you well enough and look forward to reconnecting again some time.


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