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More Acupuncture = More Better

As an acupuncturist, I hear this sort of thing often: “I tried acupuncture once, and it relieved my stress/back pain/headache/insomnia/anxiety/fatigue/allergies…but only for about a week. So I never went back.”

And: “I REALLY want this injury/illness-situation to resolve… but I don’t have time to book another treatment.”

We need to see you to heal you!

As one of my colleagues put it, “I’m an acupuncturist, not Jesus…”, which is why the community acupuncture model is so amazing – with our sliding scale prices, people can actually afford to come consistently UNTIL THEIR CONDITION RESOLVES. For acute things like a twisted ankle or the common cold, this might be a once or twice commitment. However, for more chronic conditions, a treatment plan might a longer commitment, like once a week for several months. The important factor is consistency and commitment – Acupuncture is an accumulative process.

At Heart & Hands, we offer all sorts of ways to make this process easier and more affordable. Our Acupuncture Seat Sale Cards are available every few months, giving you a reduced rate for treatments within a certain time span.

We also run promos like our month of May “TWO for $30″ Special or Stop Smoking Packages!

Offering clinic hours 6 days a week, accepting walk-ins, and our online booking system are other ways we make it easy for you to get in and receive treatment. We live in a culture of pathological busy-ness … we’re all short on time! Acupuncture is an important way to take some time back for yourself. Schedule an extended lunch break, and come in for a mid-day acu-nap to increase your productivity for the rest of the week. Prevent burn-out before it starts, and boost your immune system by allowing your body some weekly down-time to recharge. Help us to help you!

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