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Get out into nature, they say.

As if this thing called nature exists only outside of us, out of doors, away from the city and apart from us. A place to go to, visit, spend time in - but something decidedly separate from who and what we are.

As if these human bodies - with fiery hearts wildly beating, rushing rivers of arteries and veins circulating the flowing waters of our being, the powerful wind of our breaths breathing inspiration, exhaling to sink and ground and soften - are not of nature at all.

While I do agree that the forest and beach, mountain, meadow and lake are wonderful, rejuvenating, necessary retreats and teachers - we decidedly do not need anything other than our very bodies, in this very moment, to connect to and with the natural world.

Because we are inextricably woven with and into nature - the ‘in here’ a microcosm reflecting and engaging continuously with the ‘out there’.

This very body, this very moment, this very breath, very heartbeat and sensation and emotion, thought and feeling - available to us at all times, in any circumstance - is an opportunity to reconnect instantly to the wild and well natural world within.

To belong to it. Deeply. Intimately.

Where ever you go, there you are.


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