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Ode to the Sensitives

One of the main areas of my practice is in supporting sensitive folk. You know who you are.

The feely ones. The teary ones. The "too-much" ones.

Well, I am here to inspire you in all your much-ness.

Where do we begin? Just here. With our feet on the ground and this breath in our lungs. The fire in our veins.

We begin with feeling. And learn to trust what we know. You know what you know.

Sensitivity is a super power. But with great power comes great responsibility, and one of those is learning how to turn down the dial. The overwhelm that can come with this level of openness, this capacity to feel is real. Is draining. Is physiological. I watch people crash and burn over and over and over again. But there are very effective supports and practices that can mitigate some of the side-effects of sensitivity.

Grounding and embodiment practices are a must. Physical support and nervous system regulation through proper nutrition - hint: more protein and fats, limiting raw foods, and back off those cleanses! Sleep! But most importantly of all - boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. We should aspire to the semi-permeable membrane (where those cell biology geeks at?) - able to open ourselves up when it is safe to do so, but easily sealing up the gaps when needed to prevent energy leakage or unwanted invasions. Taking care of ourselves as sensitive folk is a true re-parenting, an initiation, and a growing the fuck up practice. It's about recognizing that no one else can really feel what we're feeling, can truly protect us, or take care of us the way we can and need to. It is necessary self-care. It is life-changing. It is revolutionary. It is an act of resistance in a world that wants us to pretend to be different than we are, to pretend to not have so many needs or have all those damn feelings. And it's such good, juicy work. Small, simple changes can make really profound and rapid shifts for folks. Together we normalize and validate our experiences in a world where we can sometimes feel foreign, different or unwell. Feel free to book in for a complimentary 30 minute consultation if this work resonates for you.

I'd love to connect.


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