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"Although I had a few physical ailments, I sought out acupuncture to help with anxiety and panic attacks I was experiencing. Meeting Madison though [community acupuncture], and moving on to DIA treatments has helped me tremendously in all aspects of my life.

Each treatment peeled off another layer of “stuff” I thought I had processed already, or never even knew I was carrying energetically, and with the emotional release of the treatment and following up with self-care, I was able to work through emotional blockages that had been holding me back from achieving wellness.

DIA is pretty magical. It is an activating force which is never the same twice. At times I felt I was doing shamanic journeying and some sort of regressive therapy all accomplished through breath work and some needles!

Madison is a caring professional without any judgement who creates a safe environment to be able to access the dark depths with a loving approach." ~G.S.

“I just wanted to write a little thank you to Madison for introducing me to acupuncture. I was a single mom and I found myself tired, stressed, and anxious. Basically, I was worn out and couldn’t figure out a way to improve my life to get me to a happy and healthy point again. Then a friend suggested I might want to try acupuncture. Although originally not impressed with the idea of needles, I tried it. I can’t remember what the first treatment was for, but I do remember it felt warm and slightly buzzy, almost like being in a nice relaxing bath. It was nothing like I had been expecting. The needles weren’t painful; in fact, some I barely knew were there. I have now gotten treatment from Madison on innumerable occasions and am so impressed with her! She really works to treat the source of the problem I’m working through and not just the symptoms. In fact, Madison and acupuncture is my first line of defense for managing my health and well being these days. I recommend her highly and appreciate all the time she takes to treat me! I feel that she genuinely cares about my health and me as a person!” ~A.M.

"Madison has helped me immensely in dealing with fatigue and stress. Before I started receiving regular acupuncture treatments I was tired all the time, not sleeping well and carried around a lot of unnecessary stress. Through my treatments with Madison I am now sleeping better and feel more capable of dealing with anxiety. 

Madison is a kind and attentive practitioner who truly listens to you. If you are nervous about needles, she takes the fear right out of getting poked. She also gives you helpful suggestions on how you can adjust your lifestyle to compliment the acupuncture treatments." -J.H.

“I am a mid-twenties male with a healthy, physical life. Despite the powers a good diet and daily exercise grant, I find myself physically and mentally strained or injured from time to time. Acupuncture has been a welcome addition to my life, by identifying and treating my health concerns… Chronic pain I suffered from an old knee injury [bone spurs/calcification] was treated with surgery and physiotherapy. Often, my labor-intensive career will encourage pain and swelling to return. During these episodes, an acupuncture treatment can quickly relieve my symptoms and focus my body on healing… I appreciate how each acupuncture treatment can be modified to direct my body’s healing power in the most effective way… I hope to spread the good news of acupuncture to all other labour intensive workers so we all can benefit from better lives." ~ J.M.

“Madison delivers thoughtful and gentle service in a warm, relaxing environment. She takes the time within each treatment to understand my current state and develop an approach to get me closer to my desired state. Her skill with her tools makes the delivery of treatments stress free and relaxing.” -Q.D.

"Madison has helped me with insomnia.  Wise beyond her years, she listens attentively, and then provides treatment in a caring way.  I sleep much better lately, and am truly grateful."    ~ M.H.

"I injured the rotator cuff in my right shoulder and had left it for a couple of weeks hoping it would get better by just taking ibuprofen, but it didn’t help.
After about 3-4 weeks I started physiotherapy to help repair the damage and alleviate the constant pain. It did provide some temporary relief but the pain was never gone. I did about 8-10 sessions plus all the prescribed exercises for my shoulder. I had good and bad days with the pain. On the good days my shoulder hurt only with certain movements and on the bad days I needed to use my left hand to move my right hand to certain motions.
I asked Madison if she thought  acupuncture would help and we decided to try it. After the first session with her my shoulder felt a lot better. I did 2 more sessions for a total of 3. It has been about 14 months since the last session and my shoulder has been pain free and I haven’t needed ibuprofen for my shoulder ever since." ~D.H.

“Before I had acupuncture, I did not know what it meant to be aware of my body. Acupuncture has helped me to awaken that awareness, by physically restricting my movement during the sessions and allowing me to focus on the sensation of Qi [aliveness] moving through my body. Acupuncture has also helped to promote holistic health care. When I went to a Western doctor for PMS and cramping, I was told that "it is just a part of being a woman." Acupuncture treated the monthly cramps that, at their worst, would keep me bedridden with pain - to the point of nausea. The treatments that I had, lessened the severity of the cramping and I was given nutritional advice for throughout my cycle. Acupuncture has positively impacted my life and I am happy to have been introduced to it when I was. I recommend it to everyone I meet.” ~A.K.


“I have popped out [dislocated] ribs in my back and it usually feels like burning, stabbing pain. I usually go to the chiropractor and need about 3 adjustments before my pain subsides, but it only lasts for a few months. I tried acupuncture for my back and it relieved the pain in a way the adjustments just could not.” - S.M.

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