Free 15 Minute Initial Consultation - phone/video call. 

Online Sessions - $40-100/hour

Sliding Scale Acupuncture Treatment Rates of $70 -140

(90 minute initial session, 60 minute subsequent)

Monthly Treatment Package - $250

(4 weekly treatments)

Call/Text   250. 893. 3365


Acupuncture is an ancient healing system, involving the insertion of thin, sterile, disposable needles into various points on the body. These needles stimulate a biochemical response to facilitate the healing of many disorders, including pain; insomnia; digestive and reproductive problems; as well as stress, fatigue, anxiety and other mood dysfunctions… with virtually no negative side effects! Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical therapies in the world and is proven to be exceptionally safe.


In terms of theory, the intent of acupuncture is to move energy or "Qi" throughout the body; smoothing it where it may be stuck, strengthening it when it may be weak, and returning our bodies to a homeostatic balance. However, the most amazing thing about acupuncture is that your practitioner doesn’t actually do very much. The insertion of acupuncture needles is simply a way of reminding a body how to do what it already knows –  to heal itself. This system of medicine dissolves the inherent power differential of healer/patient and allows people to take responsibility for their own health and healing.

I often begin acupuncture treatments with inquiry work, using compassionate questioning to draw forth your own inner, body-based wisdom. On the table, I may incorporate some gentle touch and acupressure as a way to assist in the movement of tension or holding. I might also offer drop-doses of herbal tinctures, dietary or supplementation suggestions, or breathwork/movement/inquiry practices for you to try at home. 

Online Sessions (via Zoom)


Everything but the needles and touch, essentially. Usually includes some form of somatic introspection, giving voice to exactly what's up in your body. And we might use questions to draw forth some dialogue here, pursuing inquiry with our wisest inner guide.

Our focus might be on more tangible self-care, chatting nutrition and herbal or lifestyle supports. Sometimes we're enlisting support from and connection with the wider-than-human natural world, or working with ritual, ceremony, or the imaginal realm.

Accessibility is a priority for me - if my sliding scale isn't within reach, do contact me and we'll figure something out. 

Mental Health Peer Support


Currently, I'm offering peer support via online video calls. I have lived experience of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, mania, psychosis and postpartum mental illness. And through all of these experiences, I have become so very passionate about the concept of peer support. 


Folks with mental unwellness need more than psychiatrists who pathologize and counsellors who sympathise . We need support from those who've actually been there. Those who don't just understand that depression can be deadly, that anxiety can be crippling, that psychosis can literally turn your life upside-down; but who know it - know it intimately, know it personally and deeply. We need support, but more important still, we need to see the people who have been through similar challenges and come out the other side relatively intact.

Together, we dive into the embodied inner terrain. We give voice to the body's wisdom, we connect with its wellness and wholeness. We hold space for the emotions and experiences trying to get our attention. And together we discover supportive practices and resources that work best for you.

This may or may not be a fit for someone in acute crisis, an introductory consult is recommended. 

Accessibility is a priority for me - if my sliding scale isn't within reach, do contact me and we'll figure something out. 


Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture involves patients receiving treatment together in a communal space.  We allow time for a one-on-one consultation, and then have people to rest with the needles for as long as they need. There are many benefits to these types of treatments, including the magnification of therapeutic effect when people receive acupuncture together, and the reduction of isolation - which in itself, can strengthen a person’s resistance to disease.


Community Acupuncture also increases affordability and accessibility by allowing people to come as often as needed to get well and stay well. Acupuncture is a process, and most people require a course of treatments to see results, not just a single session. Community Acupuncture is set up to facilitate this process so that you may come in as often as needed to get better and stay better.


Madison offers Community Acupuncture at hemma in Fairfield. To find out more, or to book online, click here.

Dynamic Interactive Acupuncture (DIA)

This innovative and unique style of treatment was developed by Dr. Michael Greenwood, and has been taught to only a select number of local practitioners. Originally developed for clients suffering from extreme cases of chronic pain, this treatment is for anyone wishing to delve deep into the origins of their discomfort, trauma and wounds.


DIA combines a specific breathing technique and needling style, with the intention of allowing movement and sound to arise during the treatment. This style of treatment encourages clients to physically release through their bodies and is an ideal therapy for those with a history of trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD), unresolved anxiety, stubborn chronic ailments, comorbid disorders, addictions, and mental illness. These treatments are dynamic in nature as well as in name - people report significant shifts in as little as one treatment. For more information click here.


Cupping, Gua Sha and Tui Na Massage


Traditional Chinese Medicine also consists of many modalities that do not involve the use of needles - perfect for those who prefer hands-on bodywork treatments, or have severe musculoskeletal injuries.  A practitioner may combine various Chinese Therapeutic Massage (Tui Na) techniques, with Scraping Therapy (Gua Sha) and/or Cupping, depending on the client's individual needs.


Cupping is a wonderful treatment for musculoskeletal injuries such as neck and shoulder tension, and back pain and stiffness. It can also treat the common cold, and chronic coughs and chest congestion. Using a flame, we create a vacuum under a glass cup, and place it on the skin. The cups are not heated at all, the flame is only used to remove air and create a suction. A few cups may be left in place on the back, but often, massage oil is applied to the skin and the cups are moved around.


For most people, cupping actually feels quite good. It's like getting a massage in reverse- instead of pressing on muscles and attempting to release them, cupping actually pulls soft tissue away from their bony attachments, loosening muscle and improving circulation. There is one caveat, however- cupping breaks small capillaries on the surface of the skin, leaving a bruised or purple-red appearance. Usually this fades within 3 days or so, but in some cases, it may last for a week or more.

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