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It's almost like Acupuncture is about People, not Needles.

When I am good at what I do, I am fully present.

I'm not at my best when I'm coming up with the most accurate diagnosis, or the most intricate acupuncture point combination, or when I'm treating as many patients as possible.

I'm an awesome acupuncturist when I'm sitting there, listening to someone, and really seeing them.

Because we all want - we all need - to be seen.

And when we're not seen - when we go unnoticed, feel unappreciated, undervalued - that's when people transform into the worst versions of themselves. We get mean, we get angry, we withdraw, or spiral into depression.

People are interesting. We're these complex systems of body and mind and wonderful buzzing vibrancy; but we also all carry the potential for destructive thoughts, for awful behavior, for self-imposed misery.

I believe that if I can meet someone, expecting to see the most amazing - the most true - version of themselves, then they will bring it. Maybe making the world a better place is as simple as being nice to each other. As sharing care and compassion. As allowing each person to be exactly as they are. Because everyone has gifts. Everyone brings a unique perspective to this world. Together we all add richness and variety to the collective experience of being alive.

And people are damn surprising.

Even the grumpy ones.


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