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Lessons from India

I've been in India for two weeks and am simply loving it. But I've quickly come to see some of the frustrations people have to deal with while here. I've decided to regard them as lessons.

Much easier to shug and sigh than to fight a whole sub-continent.

Lesson Number One: On Non-Attachment.

You don't necessarily need to have all the options laid out before you to make a decision.

Sometimes you get what you get.

I went to buy a SIM card, after having been advised which carrier to go with, and was operating under the assumption that I would look at and choose from various pay-as-you-go plans.

Needless to say, I didn't even get the brand of SIM card I wanted.

"No, no. This one very good." - I was assured.

"For local calls?"

"Yes, yes." - Dismissively.

"For texting? International calls?", I questioned.

"Yes, yes. Everything."

"How much per call and text?"

"You use phone. You need more, come back and give more money."


"Want data?"

"No thanks, I'll just use the wifi at my house."

I hand over the money, with no idea how many minutes/texts I've just bought.

Return home and realize that I have also bought data.

And that Indian SIM cards come with multiple junk texts per day, sharing with me the secret of life/world's best recipe/daily offensive knock knock joke.

The junk calls seem to consist solely of very loud, very shrill Indian music. They always come from a different phone number.

At least they make me feel popular in a country where a total of 5 people have my digits.

Lesson Number Two: On Yoga Practice.

Yoga can be practiced in an entry-way, in a bathroom, or on a mound where 5 ancient sweat-soaked rugs overlap.

Space between mats is unnecessary.

As is ventilation.

Now you know.

Lesson Number Three: On Home Improvements.

A stick and a plastic bag is an appropriate replacement for a water valve. The inevitable leak, then flood, then formation of a lake outside my window, may be reason enough to buy the ten-cent replacement valve.

Or reason to find another stick and bag.

Lesson Number Four: On Holidays.

A parade and/or festival may or may not render it impossible to obtain drinking water, gas for your stove, and money from an ATM.

"Festival. Not possible." *Insert endearing headbobble*

A local calendar on my wall marks more holidays than normal days.

But I did get free candy. And all the cars and rickshaws were decorated with flowers, which was pretty fucking random.

I'm sure many more ridiculous happenings and lessons will be coming my way.

Will keep you posted.

It's only just begun!

*Also, if you like pictures of city cows, yummy food, and preposterous Indian signs - you can follow me on Instagram. I'm madisonkolla *

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