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The Gift.

Everything that we have has been Given to us.

I, for one, have earned nothing -

Not this life, not my body, not my health.

Not my family, nor community,

Or the thoughts in my head or the skills in my hands.

If you resonate with the idea of a force greater than yourself, you may give thanks to that.

We can all, however, give thanks to ~ our parents, our ancestors, our genetics, our upbringing, our education.

We may give thanks to the people that surround us and support us ~

The Teachers that have taught us,

and the Healers that restore us.

None of us can possibly hope to go it on our own.

None of us can possibly claim that we do.

I have been incredibly lucky in this life.

I have enough.

Enough of the things that I need, and so much more


To my clients, to my friends ~ I offer space.

I offer two ears, two hands, and loving care.

I Give, and I ask for ~





These are basic human needs.

Ones that we are all able to meet.

With these needs met,

we can Be


We can Be...

Be well.

Once we understand the spirit, the nature, and the inherent value of a gift given freely,

We learn how to receive.

We learn how to trust.

When we are blessed enough to obtain a surplus,

We become the individual who is able to share with their community.

We become the force for reciprocal aid and assistance.

To trust ~

This is the bravest thing that we can do.

To Give a Gift

With no expectation of return ~

is not only Liberating, but it is Powerful.

It is Revolutionary.

A Gift can Begin to

Change the World.

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