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Hello there, and Online Sessions

Hello there. I’m Madison.

I’m here with a nervous system capable of travelling to the most expansive, euphoric, far seeing highs, and the most devastating, bottomless, overwhelming lows. Both have been self-shattering teachers. As is the never-complete pursuit of balance. Of the well enough.

Over the last year, throughout this pandemic, my explorations have centred around belonging, apprenticing to this place I’ve named ‘home’, and in reconnecting with the wellness and wisdom of my own lineages. I’m re-orienting to wellness.

Not the ‘wellness’ adopted by an industry trying to fit bodies from the outside into some desired shape found reflecting in a mirror, but a wellness that emanates from the inside, from being available to sensations and emotions and interactions and connection with the pulse of life itself.

And no, when I’m working with folks online, it isn’t ‘coaching’ we’re doing, because I am no expert of what it means to be you in this world, you are. And I’m not interested in urging people to find some better, improved version of themselves. We reconnect to the wisdom you already hold deep, already have to offer, but might find it tricky to listen for.

We create space to show up wherever we’re at. With whatever we’re facing - in body, mind, heart. A space that’s not about ‘fixing’, but about connecting to that in us which is already, always, innately whole and connected and well. And sometimes that wellness feels like the tiniest fragment amid all the other crap and we have to go searching long and hard to find it.

… but when we do… and we do...

We hold that fragile little ember.

And we remember - how to tend it, feed it, nourish it, rock it.

There, there. There, there.

It’s all okay. It’s all allowed.

You can do this. You are doing this.

It’s hard. But you are not alone.


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