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Entering the Void ~ with Dynamic Interactive Acupuncture (DIA)

The Void is the space in between.

It is a space in consciousness, between objective and subjective realities.

As we fall asleep at night, once our conscious minds slip away but before bodies sink into total slumber, there is a spaciousness. And in this space, energy moves easily. People might experience twitches, jumpiness, or restless legs as the body naturally discharges tension accumulated during the day.

With the mind out of the way, we can better explore our pain and learn from what that experience is attempting to teach us. To enter the void, we use a deep, full, and somewhat more rapid breathing technique. This is similar to other breathwork therapies, but the addition of acupuncture or acupressure allows us to connect directly to areas of pain, discomfort, or repression.

Throughout Dynamic Interactive Acupuncture (DIA) treatments, our intention is not the eradication of symptoms or the healing of pain, but rather the exploration of our own bodily experience. Common effects include myoclonic shaking/trembling/vibrations, emotional releases, and potential re-experience of past events. The practitioner holds a safe space for whatever sounds, movements, and emotional discharges may arise, encouraging individuals to re-integrate with acceptance and curiosity.

Things to consider before a session:

What is your intention going into this treatment? Is it to regain wholeness or to eradicate pain?

Is it possible to learn from and listen to our traumas and pain?

Am I currently in a place where I have adequate other support in my life to undertake this type of healing work? Understand that things may very well get worse before they get better and that multiple sessions will likely be required for best results.

Interested in receiving a DIA treatment?

I am pleased to invite you into acres of untouched private forest and Garry Oak meadow at the foot of Pkols, for treatments within the healing environment of wild nature. These treatments take place on a comfortable mattress directly on the earth. They allow for more time, space and privacy to perform deep healing work. These sessions are currently offered based on a gift economy model, and are available for the spring and summer months only. For more information, please contact me directly.

A Dynamic Interactive Acupuncture Experience:

"Although I had a few physical ailments, I sought out acupuncture to help with anxiety and panic attacks I was experiencing. Meeting Madison though [community acupuncture], and moving on to DIA treatments has helped me tremendously in all aspects of my life.

Each treatment peeled off another layer of “stuff” I thought I had processed already, or never even knew I was carrying energetically, and with the emotional release of the treatment and following up with self-care, I was able to work through emotional blockages that had been holding me back from achieving wellness.

DIA is pretty magical. It is an activating force which is never the same twice. At times I felt I was doing shamanic journeying and some sort of regressive therapy all accomplished through breath work and some needles!

Madison is a caring professional without any judgement who creates a safe environment to be able to access the dark depths with a loving approach." ~G.S.

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